DiscNW Board Meeting Notes

DiscNW Board Meeting Notes, Dec 15, 2003

Meeting convened 7:00 pm

Present were Mike Keran, Executive Director; President Anne-Marie Wissman; Treasurer Jessica Dorr; Secretary Jim O'Donnell (arrived late); Ray Birks; Chris Burke; Barney Ahouse; Angela Chung; and Eric Mattson. Absent were Mike Mullen; Barbara Gordon.

  1. The minutes of the Board's November 17, 2003 meeting were ratified as amended with six in favor and one abstention.
  2. Executive Director report: A. Financials: $87,533.90 in the bank. B. Leagues: Tacoma Hat is ongoing (but lost fields due to weather) with 77% paid; Fall Hat has 100% paid and had playoffs before annual meeting along with Fall Team, which has 98% paid; Winter sign-ups have started. C. Tourneys: Chick Flick: had 77.5% paid in advance; Dangle Wrangle had 78%. Turkey Bowl: raised $100 and 4 shopping carts of food for NW Harvest. High field costs make food donations the likely future course. Hangover: signups started. 12 teams at $250 would cover costs thanks to FAF field donation and no party. D. Fields Advocacy: ED met with SYSA and FAF reps and is creating form emails to send to City Council members supporting SP/Mag project; Audubon has removed its support of FOMP and we are hoping Sierra Club will do the same.
  3. Field Advocacy: Mike K. led discussion of Robert Morris fields on Capitol Hill and city cutting $200k from its $1.2m budget; Chris, Mike K, and Jim are meeting with a city representative to look at a potential fields site on the south end of the city; the impact of recent changes in Seattle City Council membership on our fields goals were discussed along with the scope of advocacy limits on DNW as a 501(c)(3) entity; the Seattle Parks Board has recommended approval of the SP/Mag plan, which now goes to the full City Council for voting; the BTA II levy is up for voting this winter; tentative timing of SP/Mag project implementation was discussed.
  4. Leagues Meeting - Angie and Chris reported on their meeting with many league commissioners and other volunteers, who brainstormed on the timing and nature of the many DNW leagues and ways to improve these offerings.
  5. Budget: The proposed 2004 budget was unanimously approved, which includes funding of a full-time executive director (this is now a half-time position). Long discussion of various options for raising the money to pay the additional salary. More work will be done on this subject. The Board was enthusiastic about the opportunities for DNW from a full time ED, and will also work on better volunteer organization and use in order to maximize benefits from the ED.
  6. Officer Elections: Officers for 2004 are Barney Ahouse, President; Jessica Dorr, Vice President; Eric Mattson, Treasurer; Jim O'Donnell, Secretary. Many thanks to Anne-Marie Wissman for great leadership as President this past year!

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm.


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