DiscNW Board Meeting Notes, September 15, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present were Mike Keran, Executive Director; President Anne-Marie Wissman; Vice-President, Josh Monaghan; Secretary Jim O'Donnell; Treasurer Jessica Dorr; Chris Burke;; Ray Birks, Colleen O'Rollins, Barney Ahouse and Mike Mullen. Absent were Ryan Seguine, Ian Ferguson, Angela Chung, Barbara Gordon-Lovejoy and Eric Mattson (note that three new board members were given short notice of their first meeting).

  1. Introductions were made as DiscNW welcomed Barney Ahouse and Mike Mullen to their first meeting as new Board Directors. The ED explained the basic mechanics of DiscNW board meetings.
  2. The August Board Minutes were ratified by unanimous vote of those present at the last meeting as revised.
  3. Executive Director's report:
    (A) Financials. $89,704.95 in the bank is up 40% from last year, with a/r of approximately $5,000 in field rental fees outstanding, and without accounting for Fall league fields and some ED pay; final summer league numbers to come soon.
    (B). Leagues: Fall hat: draft was last week and play has started. Website glitch and data loss shows need for better backup. Fall team: Play has started for the record 24 teams, up from 12 last year. HS hat: 4 strong teams began on Friday with adult supervision. Summer: surveys are open until 9/19. Response rates are low. Summer men: turnout was low, will probably lose money. Women's hat: is done, still need some data to do financials, survey to go out soon. Co-ed hat league in Tacoma will be starting soon! Vern's league: discussed ways to improve captain selection process.
    (C). Tournaments: Potlatch surveys are trickling in. Chick Flick: planning is starting for this December 6 women's event.
    (D). Fields Advocacy: we are continuing to encourage letter writing in support of SP/Mag project.
  4. Strategic Goals Review. For the benefit of the new board members, a brief review was made of the short and long term goals in the areas of communications, youth, administrative, fields, fund-raising and membership.
  5. Youth Goals. A presentation of revised goals was made and discussed, and the board voted unanimously to approve the goals as revised.
  6. Annual Meeting and Celebration of Volunteers set for Saturday, November 22 in Shoreline. The semifinals and finals of fall hat and team leagues will be played in a stadium, with the DiscNW annual meeting to follow at adjacent building. This year will focus on a fun celebration of the contributions of all the great people who volunteer their time and effort to DiscNW! Josh to lead planning effort.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:35 p.m.


"Our mission as a non-profit organization is to promote and support growth in the Sport of Ultimate, while instilling the Spirit of Sportsmanship at all levels of play."

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