DiscNW Board Meeting Notes, July 28, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present were Mike Keran, Executive Director; President Anne-Marie Wissman; Vice-President, Josh Monaghan; Secretary Jim O'Donnell; Chris Burke; Ryan Seguine, Ian Ferguson. Also present were Eric Mattson to report on Potlatch and Loren Hill to report on SP/Mag. Absent were Treasurer Jessica Dorr, Ray Birks, Colleen O'Rollins.

  1. The June Board Minutes were ratified by unanimous vote as revised, with Ian abstaining.
  2. Potlatch Tournament Director's report:
    TD Eric Mattson reported on Potlatch (with help from from the ED and Ryan).
    (A). New tourney aspects: the three day format was a success; the Pickering Barn party/dinner location served well; the showcase game had about 250 spectators; the flashlight disc game was poorly attended; the food vendors did not do well (food selections poorly matched to event?); on-line registration was an improvement; and on-field massage was well received.
    (B). Financially, the income met our worst case scenario due to ten teams dropping out. As a result we tried to cut budgeted costs. We approximately broke even in real dollars (excluding the overhead fee tourneys normally pay to DNW.) Merchandise sell-through was high at 85% and we did end up with new assets (the 32 port-a-fields). For next year, we need to look at 2 vs. 3 day event analysis of risks and expenses; Red Hook v. Pickering Barn; refund policy; youth division expansion; and help recruitment.
  3. Sand Point/Magnuson: Loren Hill reported on the EIS challenge status, the tactics of groups opposing the SP/M plan and the molding of pro-SP/M constituencies into more active voices of support. The 8:00 pm 8/27 Friends of Athletic Fields-sponsored city council candidate forum is one opportunity. Letter writing , dissemination of facts and involvement of those with scientific backgrounds will help.
  4. Youth: The Youth task force report was tabled to the next Board meeting.
  5. The Board Member Recruitment group meets 7/29 and will report next Board meeting.
  6. Executive Director report:
    (A). Leagues: Summer are going strong with 8/16-17 playoffs. Men's league has 66 men on five teams plus KWA. Women's hat league planned for 8/21 - 9/12. We are trying for a fall HS hat league.
    (B). Tournaments: Sign-ups for 8/9-10 Sluttin' Up are open. Volunteer recruitment for ECC/Spawnfest are ongoing. College Nationals 2004 planning is underway.
    (C). Financial: total assets of $85,622.57 minus A/R of $4,782.52 equal cash of $80,841.05, up 1% from last year. Fiscal ytd profit is $15,273.22 (up 5.6%) on $165,898.11 revenues (up 42.1%)
    (D). Clinics: 7/21 summer clinic had low (50+) signups and needs to be reevaluated in future.
    (E). Youth Summit was held last week.
    (F). Roger Craft's summer camp is going well with a third week added.
    (G). Better financial support for coaches, practice field invoicing, advancing membership implementation are all on ED's plate but tough to accomplish within 25 hrs/week.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15 p.m.


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