DiscNW Board Meeting Notes

Board Meeting Notes, Oct 7th, 2002

In attendance:
Mike Keran, Chris Burke, Josh Monaghan, Ryan Seguine, Ray Birks, Jimmy O, Donnell, Kristen Lenhart, Kim Blakemore, Jane Meseck, Colleen O’Rollins, Jessica Dorr, Anne Marie Wissman

Ian Ferguson

Action items:

  • Membership committee to meet to reconsider membership proposal for full board consideration next meeting.

Executive Director Report:


  • ED Mike Keran is looking into contracting an accountant to replace Andre (who moved away) for payroll work and possibly taxes/audits.
  • Our financial balance is down slightly from this time last year, mostly because of Mike's salary.
  • There was a SNAFU with credit card payments that will delay charges for people who signed up for leagues and tournaments this summer, including Potlatch; Mike is working to fix that.

State of Leagues:

  • All leagues running smoothly
  • We have a crew of volunteers interested in helping out with fields advocacy, and the possibility of getting involved with fundraising efforts for the Sand Point/Magnuson Park renovation.


  • Mike is looking into the possibility of providing travel insurance or some other form of support to a junior girls team that is forming to go to junior nationals next year.
  • Mike is also considering donating a small amount of money to Sockeye and Riot for fields in recognition of their support of juniors leagues/camps/coaching. This discussion was tabled.

Potlatch proposal:

Eric Mattson and Ryan are proposing to turn Potlatch into a 3-day event over July 4th weekend. That is the only weekend that we can get the fields, and it looks like we won't be able to use the fields for camping on Friday night unless we rent them for Friday. They outlined the estimated cost/benefit analysis, including increasing the number of bids and creating an 8-16 team juniors division. The board gave its support of the idea, but suggested that they poll team captains from previous years to get an idea of how teams will respond to the format and the increased tourney fee.


The board considered the proposals outlined by the membership committee, and after much discussion about the goals of having a membership, decided to send the proposal back to the committee for further work.

Annual meeting/Fields committee/Communications committee: These items were tabled until the next meeting.

Board officer elections: Anne Marie was elected President by a unanimous vote. Jessica was elected Treasurer by a unanimous vote. Josh is still the Vice-President. The position of Secretary is open. The president will take on the duties of calling meetings, and the taking of minutes will rotate until we elect a new secretary.

The meeting was adjourned.

"Our mission as a non-profit organization is to promote and support growth in the Sport of Ultimate, while instilling the Spirit of Sportsmanship at all levels of play."

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