DiscNW Board Meeting Visitor Policy

Adopted by the board of directors: February 19th, 2007

The board welcomes visitors to monthly meetings. As part of our commitment to serve openly, we encourage community members to provide input to the board in person, to actively engage with the board or simply observe. You participation can make a difference. Should you wish to submit suggestions or commentary via email, please do so.

To ensure that the board can both accommodate visitors and conduct business, the board developed the following policy.

Persons interested in attending a board meeting should contact the Executive Director (ED) or any board member. The ED or President of the Board will work with the visitor(s) to coordinate the logistics of meeting attendance. In most cases, visitors will be invited to attend the next scheduled board meeting.

Visitors can contribute to board meeting in the following ways:

  1. Formal presentation: Visitors may request to present to the board on a specific topic and can reserve up to twenty minutes for their presentation and to solicit input from the board. To streamline this process, please submit a brief description of the topic with the request to present. Such requests will be accommodated in accordance with previously scheduled topics.
  2. Informal input: Visitors may request to attend a board meeting and to speak to the board informally for up to three minutes on any topic. This request can likely be accommodated on short notice.
  3. Observation: Visitors may wish to attend the meeting as a silent observer. This request can likely be accommodated on short notice.

Logistical Considerations

Agendas are often tight, but your contribution is important. We want to hear anything you believe is important, although requests related to existing Board agenda items are preferred.

Board meetings are held in members’ homes, and space is often limited. Because of this, it may not be possible to accommodate requests to present or attend until a later meeting.

Visitors will be excluded during executive sessions, which may include discussions of personnel, database security or other topics requiring discretion. Visitors will not be able to vote during board meetings.