DiscNW Privacy Policy

DiscNW has a firm commitment to privacy and to protecting your personal information. This document outlines our privacy policy. While other documents may exist to provide additional details for a specific aspect of DiscNW's operation, they shall not conflict with this document. By participating in DiscNW leagues, tournaments or events you are accepting the practices described in this policy.

Normal website usage: You can visit most areas of the DiscNW website (www.discnw.org) without giving any personal information. During a normal visit DiscNW's website servers may query your browser for certain information such as browser type, referring page, and the date and time of pages that you request to view. This information is used solely to improve our website's presentation of information and for general usage statistics.

Browser cookies: Some areas of DiscNW's website require the user to log in. DiscNW may place a browser "cookie" (a small file from which the browser may read or write information) on your computer. In general, we will remove cookies as quickly as reasonable so as not to leave your computer cluttered with small, outdated files.

Opt-in vs. Opt-out: DiscNW is not in the business of tricking its members. In general, we will ask people to opt in to something rather than making them opt out of it.

League, tournament and membership registration: Some personal information may be gathered by DiscNW in the process of running leagues, tournaments and other events. Information collected may include name, address, email address, gender, skill level and age. In addition, there are optional questions we ask as part of the membership registration process. No personally identifiable information will be made available by any means to any person or group outside the DiscNW organization without your prior consent. In plain terms, we will not sell, trade, or give away your address, email, phone number or any other information you give to us.

While we take all efforts to protect this data both in paper form and on-line, we can not be held liable if this data is stolen, either physically or electronically. In the event of such a theft, DiscNW will notify all affected persons as soon as the theft has been discovered.

DiscNW reserves the right to use any personal data collected in aggregate to improve our services and further the mission of the DiscNW organization. In no way will this aggregate information be linked to an individual. For example, we might use your zip code to let the city know how many of our members live in Ballard in an effort to get the Loyal Heights playfield improved.

Occasionally, DiscNW will conduct surveys after tournaments, leagues or other events. These surveys will collect information to be used to better implement these events or to promote Ultimate to the larger community. All information will be collected voluntarily. Again, publication of this information will only be in aggregate.

On-line payments: Currently DiscNW accepts on-line credit card payments through the VeriSign payment processing service. During the payment process you may be asked for your billing address and zip code.  This information is used by VeriSign to insure the validity of the cards used. In addition, we store only the last 4 digits of your credit card number for reference in the event of a payment dispute. Your entire credit card number is not stored on our website, computers or in hardcopy, nor is it available through the VeriSign website. We refer you to VeriSign's privacy policy for additional details.

Changes to this policy: DiscNW reserves the right to change this policy after having given all our members email and/or website notification of the change.

Questions or concerns: Any question or concerns about this policy should be directed to the DiscNW Executive Director either by email at ; or by regular mail at:

ATTN: Privacy Policy
P.O. Box 85112
Seattle, WA 98145-1112