DiscNW Logo

NWUA logo TM

DiscNW logo by Susan A. Point

Coast Salish Arts
Musqueam Tribe, Vancouver BC

This Coast Salish design balances positive and negative space. It shows the energy of Spirit of the Game and the motion of spinning. The design within the two stylized bird heads and the separation of their feathers contribute to the disc's spinning effect.

The two birds and two human faces on the shoulder/wing part of the birds illustrate the competitive spirit. One of the faces is male and the other a female, the male identifiable by his heavy brow and the female with her delicate hairline and slender eyes. Their mouths are round indicating they are open, which can be understood to mean cheering, singing and Spirit of the Game.

There is a hidden message in this logo, as in traditional Coast Salish art found on houseposts and spindle whorls: the moon, the sun and the stars are represented by three circles in alignment. Within this design, the bird heads form a central circle flanked by two circles, one on each side, this being the mouths within the faces -- thus the sun, the moon and the stars.