DiscNW Board of Directors Recruitment

Q & A

What is the DiscNW Board of Directors? The DiscNW Board of Directors is the leadership group for the organization. The Board develops and approves the budget, hires, oversees, and supports the Executive Director and sets the priorities for the organization.

Who is on the Board today? Today, the Board has 10 members with a variety of backgrounds including IT, legal, and business development among others. Most are Ultimate players who compete anywhere from elite national level teams to local Seattle club teams. We like diversity and are looking for new, fresh faces to help make the organization better.

What does the Board do? The Board is tasked with setting the agenda of DiscNW and "thinking big" to determine how the organization should grow.

What would I do on the Board? There are many things a new Board member could do including helping with organizational development, communications, community outreach, and field advocacy among others. DiscNW wants to help you develop as a volunteer while you help develop the organization.

What are a Board members responsibilities? The Board meets monthly to review the past month's operations and to plan the future of the organization. Members are expected to attend the meetings, plan and attend the annual meeting and serve on one or more standing Board committees.