DiscNW Twitter Policy

DiscNW has a Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/discnw. This policy document will describe the purpose of the account and how it works.

The main purpose of the twitter account is to augment the hotline and get timely and important announcements get to as many people as possible. We currently use the hotline to communicate timely and important information about events. It would be helpful for our players to receive messages via twitter with game day updates.

Twitter use is not intended to replace the DiscNW hotline. In fact, the hotline will continue to be the definitive place to receive information about game day updates. We will make every attempt to tweet messages that are made on the hotline, but this may not always be possible.

Twitter posts by League Coordinators, Tournament Directors, and other volunteers shall be limited to game status updates (rainout information, field closures, etc.).

DiscNW staff may additionally post messages with news about upcoming events, event registration, and northwest ultimate related news. These posts will vary in frequency, but should not exceed more than one or two per day.

The main DiscNW twitter account should not be used for score updates. Event specific accounts (such as discnwycc, potlatch2011, and SpringReign) should be used for score updates. Event specific accounts are not subject to this polity, but all posts to those accounts should be respectful and event appropriate.

Tweets are delivered a number of ways but we expect most of our followers to use text message due to the timely nature of our tweets.

Tweets are displayed in the discnw.org side-bar. Staff and volunteers with the right permissions (see below) can post and delete tweets right from the side-bar.

Permission to post messages can be granted by the Executive Director.