DiscNW League Player Pick-up Policy

The use of pickup players (players that are not on a team's official event roster) at a DiscNW team events is intended to allow the playing of the game, rather than forfeiting, and not to gain strategic or tactical advantages.

Pickup players can only participate if they are currently playing in DiscNW events and have completed the appropriate waiver(s) for the event. 

During regular season play teams may allow pick-ups to avoid forfeiting a game.  All pickups are subject to the approval by captains of both teams and must be agreed to at the beginning of the game.  If rostered players subsequently show up the captain of the team with the pickups must immediately inform the other captain so the situation can be reassessed.

These are guidelines. However, the decision to allow a non-rostered player to participate must be mutually agreed upon by the captains of both teams. This is consistent with the Captain's Clause of the UPA 11th Edition Rules:

I.C. Captain's Clause: A game may be played under any variations of the rules agreed upon by the captains of the teams involved. In tournament play, variations are subject to the approval of the event organizer(s). Such things as length of game, dimensions of the field, number of players, and stall count can easily be altered to suit the level of play. Before a game starts, each team designates one captain to represent that team in disagreements and arbitration.


Any quesitons about the pick-up policy should be directed to the Executive Director at .