DiscNW Adult Team League Roster Policy

This policy applies to all DiscNW mixed team league events.

All adult team league events require that a player may only be on one team roster. Also see the DiscNW Adult Team League Coach Policy for limited exceptions to this roster policy.

Players in adult team league events are only allowed to be on one roster. A player may pick up with another team in the league only when the conditions of the DiscNW Pick-up Policy are satisfied.

All team captains are responsible for the timely submission of their team roster. At least four men and at least three women must be listed on the roster before the official close of league registration. All rosters must be finalized by the end of the second week of league play.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in sanctions including, but not limited to, suspension from the league or disqualification from the playoffs and/or future DiscNW leagues.

League Coordinators will decide if any exceptions to this policy will be allowed on a season to season basis. If no exceptions are noted on the league web page then this roster policy is binding.

Any questions about the adult team league roster policy should be directed to the Executive Director at .