DiscNW Adult Team League Coach Policy

This policy applies to all DiscNW adult coed team league events.

Most adult team league events require that a player may be on only one team roster. See the DiscNW Roster Policy for more details. This policy allows for limited exceptions to that rule.

In order to encourage coaching and beginner participation, the adult team league coach policy allows a lower division team (the C, D, or E divisions) to have up to two coaches (no more than one of each gender) on their roster. This coach is allowed to play for the lower division team. Additionally, the coach is allowed to be a player on the roster of an A or B division team.

League Coordinators will decide if coaches will be allowed for the league on a season by season basis. However, coaches will not be allowed in the adult Spring League.

Any questions about the adult team league coach policy should be directed to the Executive Director at .