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Local and National Youth Ultimate Organizations

USA Ultimate Youth Development Section
USA Ultimate is the national governing body for the sport of Ultimate. Its Youth Development site includes resources for youth organizers, information on the structure of USA Ultimate youth programs, tools for PE teachers, tips on team development, and more.

British Columbia (BC) Disc Sports Society Juniors Programs
The official website for youth Ultimate in BC, Canada. It includes a wonderful list of Resources for learning about the sport as well as a Forum that includes a list of the year's events (including tournaments and clinics within driving distance of Seattle).

Portland Ultimate Frisbee Federation for Youth (PUFFY)
The official website for youth Ultimate in Portland, Oregon.

Boise Ultimate
The official website for Ultimate in Boise, Idaho. Includes a Juniors Ultimate Forum.

Bay Area Youth Ultimate
The official website for youth Ultimate in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Utah Ultimate Disc Association - Utah Youth Ultimate
The official site for Ultimate in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding regions. Includes a Utah Youth Ultimate section.

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Blogs, News, and Fun Stuff


The Huddle
An "experts' panel" featuring the writings of high-level players and coaches on a new topic every two weeks, as well as a weblog on current events.

Here you can watch the UltiVillage "Clip of the Day," which features highlights from club and college Ultimate. You can also purchase DVDs or webcasts of high-level tournaments (inluding some Juniors' footage!), participate in "fantasy Ultimate," seek sponsorship for your event, or participate in fundraising opportunities for your team.

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Learning About Ultimate


If you're looking for more detailed information on specific drills, skills, and strategy, check out the Coaches' Info page as well!

Ultimate 101
A 3.5-minute YouTube video overview of Ultimate.

Rise UP Ultimate
RISE UP is Ultimate’s first professional instructional video series. The mission of RISE UP is to improve the level of play of Ultimate teams and players through the creation of engaging instructional videos created by experts. The goal of RISE UP is to create useful teaching tools that empower players at any level to call a friend, grab a disc, and immediately improve their game.

USA Ultimate's "About Ultimate" Fact Sheet
This includes a basic description of the sport, a basic history, Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules, Frequently Asked Questions, and information about Spirit of the Game.

USA Ultimate's "Friends and Family" Page
Information about the sport for parents and other spectators

Play Better Ultimate
A YouTube video channel with instructional videos.

USA Ultimate's 11th Edition Rules
These are the rules governing Ultimate games in North America. World events usually abide by the World Flying Disc Federation Rules.

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Local Youth Teams


For a list of local teams, visit the Play Youth Ultimate page, click on the spring league for your age group, and click on "Standings" to see a list of teams who participated in the league during the current year. The teams listed here are teams that currently have a website available.

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 Northwest Club and College Teams

Mixed Club

Open Club

Women's Club

  • Fury (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
  • Riot (Seattle, WA)
  • Schwa (Portland, OR)
  • Slackjaw (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
  • Traffic (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • Underground (Seattle, WA)
  • Zeitgeist (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)



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