Information for Coaches

Here is a list of resources for coaches and, of course, team captains, players, PE teachers, or anyone else who wants to teach skills, find a team to coach, or learn drills, plays, and strategy. Be sure to also check out the Learning About Ultimate section on the Resources page.

Are you looking for specific information, such as paperwork requirements, for current leagues or tournaments? Please view the DiscNW Events bar in the right column of the website for information on current events. For other seasons' events, check out our Play Youth Ultimate page.

Full Ultimate Curricula

The Australian Flying Disc Association's (AFDA's) Juniors Lesson Plans
Includes curricula for elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Also includes a list of drills and a catalogue of non-Ultimate disc games.

The British Columbia Disc Sports Society's (BCDSS's) Ultimate Teaching Curriculum

Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports Coaching Manual

USA Ultimate's PE Curriculum for Middle and High School Students

VC Ultimate High School Resource

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Skills, Drills, and Strategy

The Australian Flying Disc Association's (AFDA's) Skills Section
Includes articles on basic skills, links to playbooks online, and a catalogue of numerous other Ultimate-related links

The Beginner's Ultimate Strategy Guide
By Athan Spiros. Basic defenses and offenses for the beginner to intermediate player.

The New Ultimate Playbook
By Athan Spiros and colleague. Offenses and defenses for the intermediate to advanced player.

The Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) Coaching Basics
Outlines basic throwing, offensive and defensive strategy, and rules in 11 pages.

PlaySportsTV Ultimate Frisbee Videos
A series of videos and articles for coaches on teaching basic skills and strategies.

Ultimate for Beginners
The hard version of the Ultimate Handbook (see below). A very basic introduction to the sport.

Ultimate Handbook
©Andre Liem. Information on basics, strategy, and training. Includes animations as well as a blog, a forum, and opportunities to comment.

USA Ultimate's PE Instructor Outreach Page
Features a wide variety of resources, including skills and drills, promotional materials, articles about teaching Ultimate, and materials for sale.

The Ultimate Skills and Drills
©Bharat Mediratta. A repository of animated skills and drills contributed by Ultimate players. You can also animate and submit your own drills at this site.

Videopapers: Ultimate
By Dan Cogan-Drew. This is a series of short clips illustrating common skills and situations.

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Books, DVDs, and other Non-Web-Based Resources

Essential Ultimate: Teaching, Coaching, Playing
Book. 2008. By Michael Baccarini and Tiina Booth.

Ultimate 101: Laying out the Game.
DVD. 2004. Created by Wham-O and the Ultimate Players Association (UPA). Order a 175g, UPA-approved Wham-O disc at this site and receive a mail-in coupon for the free DVD.

Ultimate Fitness
DVD. 2007. Created by Brian Doo, Dan Cogan-Drew, and the Ultimate Players Association (UPA)

The Ultimate Players Association (UPA) Educational Kits
Sold through Wright Life, these usually include several standard (age 13 and older) or junior (age 12 and under) discs and written coaching materials.

USA Ultimate's Ultimate Skills and Drills Manual

Ultimate Techniques and Tactics
Book. 2004. By James Parinella and Eric Zaslow.

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Coaching Courses and Other Resources

USA Ultimate's Coaches Page
Includes information on upcoming Coaching Certification Courses, Ethics Code for Coaches, and Spirit of Coaching.

USA Ultimate's Grant Programs
Includes the Innovation grant and two equipment grants. Applications due in the summer and in the fall.

USA Ultimate's Sanctioning Program
Information on how to obtain insurance coverage, advertising, and many more benefits for your event or even your practices.

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