Ultimate Leagues

League play is the place to hone your skills in a team environment, meet new people, and get some exercise to boot. There are leagues in all seasons for all levels of players

Pickup Play

Pickup is open, drop-in play. Bring yourself, your cleats, and a light and dark shirt. Pickup games span a very wide range of skills and are usually welcoming of newcomers. If you're looking to find out what the game is all about, pickup is where most players start.


Tournament are a great way to play against tougher competition. Succesfull tournament play requires endurance, skill, savvy and plain-old fashioned hard work. On the other hand, tournaments are a lot of fun and present a welcome change from the regular crowd at pickup or league.

Youth Ultimate

Many elementary, middle, and high schools in the Puget Sound region have club or varsity teams.  Youth ultimate is a great way to prepare for college play; most universities in the US have intramural, club, or traveling ultimate teams.