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#1 2006-07-31 11:23 am

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Need player for fall team? I'm your man!

Hello Fall team league captains!

Got a hole in your roster? Looking for a solid, good-spirited player? Want to be my hero/heroine?

Let me know ASAP, 'cause I'd love to play for you!

Here's a bit about myself:
gender:  M
age:  22
height:  6'1"
position:  handler

experience:  1 season discnw summer hat league, 1 season michigan/indiana summer league, 3 years with Univ. of Notre Dame

skills:  solid, breakmark capable, all-weather forehand, strong backhand, significant experience with zone/horizontal stack. 

skills under development:  nun-chuck, bow-staff, computer hacking

Probably most competitive at B or C league level, but I'll play for anyone!  Also, I'm no flake.  I assure you I will attend at least 95% of games/practices.  Thanks!

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