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#1 2006-07-19 11:00 am

joe buck
Registered: 2006-05-25
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Kleinman Playing Opportunities

I'm one of the TDs for the Kleinman eruption tournament here in
Portland and I'm posting because, like always, some teams need
women.  Hopefully you're already on a team, but if you're not, and
would like to come out, I can find a place for you to play.  There is
a team of pick-ups that has room for men and women, there is an
established team that just needs a woman or two to keep everything
healthy, and a team of college kids that would like a strong woman
player to help them out with learning the ropes.  Please let me know
if you, or anyone else you know would like to get in on the action.
Just write me back, and I'll pass you along to the appropriate team

address: birdflag @t gmail dott comme

We're going to have the same fields you're used to at Delta Park,
dinner at the fields with an all star game/skills competition, a
bigger party in the heart of town, one of those honest to goodness djs
who actually spins vinyl, and three levels of play to ensure the
maximum ammount of competition in each game.

Here's the website info if you have more interest.

Thanks for your time,
_Kyle and Laura



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