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#1 2012-06-08 10:05 pm

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Woman would love to pick up


I would love to pick up with a fun Potlatch team!

I'm a masters player, and played womens club for 8 years with the SB Condors in the late 90s-early 00s. I came back 2 years ago and I've enjoyed myself immensely. I workout in a bootcamp and play lots of pick up.

I'm wily, I handle, cut, break the mark and have a mean hammer. I'm familiar with ho stack, vert, Zone O, D and have been around the game a long time. I play decently tight D …the give and go into the endzone is my fav.

My favorite thing is playing in costume! The more absurd the better. Shananigans, shakin it on the dance floor and hackey sack are my post game specialities. I'll bring yummies and adult beverages…in my country of Santa Barbara, we drink mojitos.

I last played Potlatch in 2004 when I first "retired"..it'd be special for me to come back in 2012. Im kinda like Cher..it's my reunion tour.




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