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#1 2006-07-06 07:56 am

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Lost Cleats at Potlatch

I seem to have lost my cleats at Potlatch. They are white/silver Nikes, size 10.5 or 11. They have round spikes on the bottom and a big "90" decal on each cleat. The laces are offset to the side of the cleats. I believe the cleat type is Nike Air Zoom 90 III FG. See http://www.soccer.com/IWCatProductPage. … 4#display9 for reference (but mine are white/silver, not blue as in this link).

I think I left the cleats at the field in the NW corner of the complex (I don't know the field #), because my team played its final game there. However, I also might have dropped them en route to my tent on the W side of the fields.

So, if anyone happened to find those cleats, it would be great to get them back. I spent enough at Potlatch without needing to buy another $80 pair of cleats. Email me at wimastyle at gmail dot com with any info.




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