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Massage Therapy Services

Tired Body, Nagging Injuries, Need to get your body ready for that next big game? Then I would like to offer my services to you - the Athlete.

My name is Delaney Farmer and I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed Massage Practitioner. I have been practicing massage for over 14 years and currently work with my practice in Bellevue. When I am not massaging at my practice, I work with the Seattle Sounders Soccer club and Seattle Storm WNBA teams providing massage therapy services. As an Athletic Trainer, I have spent 1 year working with the Seattle Sounders FC, 2 years with the Seattle Wolves Soccer Club, the last 2 years working with various Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments and currently the Head Athletic Trainer for Lake Washington High School.

I find that merging the two professions of Athletic Training and Massage Therapy create a balanced approach that helps me help you. My assesment skills from my Athletic Training background will help me assess what muscles are causing (or not causing) the dysfunctions and utilizing my massage skills provide me with the palpation and hands-on ability to provide effective muscle manipulation.

If you are interested in more information, please visit my website:

If you still need more information, please email me at:

Or give me a call:

I can honestly tell you, massage does not have to be the fluff and buff style. If you have an tissue issue, you want to improve recovery time, decrease those pains - then schedule a Therapeutic Massage Session.

Delaney Farmer; ATC/L, LMP
Certified Athletic Trainer
Licensed Massage Practitioner



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