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#1 2010-10-07 01:04 pm

UPA Northwest Board Rep
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USA Ultimate - Board of Directors Elections

Hello Fellow Ultimate Enthusiasts,

Voting is now open for the USA Ultimate Board of Directors.  For those of you who are members, I encourage you to vote for your representatives.  The election will run from October 1 through November 2.

I am writing this message to endorse Mike Payne in the race to be your Northwest region representative. I have known Mike for about 3 years, including 2 years we spent together on the UPA Board during Mike's previous term as a Board member and UPA President.  Mike's leadership has been a big factor in recent changes made in the USA Ultimate (divisional play in Collegiate Ultimate, expansion of Youth Ultimate, etc.), and I am confident that he is a key part of the ongoing evolution of USA Ultimate.  Based on my experience with Mike's capabilities and an understanding of his commitment to push the sport further, I am in full support of his candidacy and hope that you'll join me in voting for him.

You can read Mike's official candidate statement here, listen to his interview here, and check out his Facebook campaign page (including discussion threads where you can ask him questions) here (click 'Like' at the top of the page to follow the campaign).

I am also writing to endorse Josh Seamon for the At-Large seat.  I have not met anyone who has more passion for the sport of ultimate than Josh.  He has accomplished much as an ultimate coach, organizer, and advocate.  Josh has served admirably as Secretary and has been a key member of important committees during his tenure on the Board.  Please join me in voting for Josh to continue serving as our At-Large representative.

You can read Josh’s official candidate statement here, listen to his interview here, and check out his Facebook campaign page here.

Finally, I also endorse Mandy Eckhoff for the Northeast representative position.  Mandy’s skills as a business consultant, attorney, and member of other non-profit Boards have been a valuable resource for USA Ultimate.  In her first two years on the Board, Mandy has demonstrated a strong understanding of her role in governance as the Northeast representative.  If you live in Mandy’s region, please give her your vote this fall.

You can read Mandy’s official candidate statement here and listen to her interview here.

Thanks for your time,
William Bartram
USA Ultimate Board of Directors, Northwest Region Representative (2008-2010)

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#2 2010-10-18 02:24 pm

Push Pass
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Re: USA Ultimate - Board of Directors Elections

I just wanted to bump this thread to remind everyone to VOTE!!!! 

Also, I would like to second Bunny's endorsement of Mike Payne for the NW representative on the Board.  I've known Mike for over 10 years and have always been impressed with his passion for and dedication to the sport.  I also served on the Board with him for one year and felt that the impact of his leadership could not be overstated. 

If you are a current USA Ultimate (formerly UPA) member, log-in to your account and cast your ballot:

Best wishes,
Gwen Ambler
USA Ultimate Board of Directors (2009-2011)



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