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#1 2006-06-17 11:07 am


all dressed up... and no where to play.

If you are bringing a team to potlatch....  and a tornado struck your charter bus...  or your team suffered a devastating gilla monster attack.... or a stampede of mad cows trampled your offense.. or a fluffy couch fell onto your cup during practice... or there was an ice-9 outbreak in the team watercooler.... etc.   You're in luck! 

There are 3 of us* (actually as many as you want) and are DYING** to play at Potlatch.  Normally I wouldn't beg for a spot, but we've got a whole team of poor souls who are flying in from points all over the country (several with tics bought and paid for) who are going to be sitting on the sidelines because we got waitlisted.



*high skill, high spirit

**will trade organs for play time


#2 2006-06-22 02:30 pm

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Re: all dressed up... and no where to play.

Cannonball has room for 3 or so men and 3 or so women (might be more as the tourney gets closer, folks are dropping like flies).  We hail from Arcata, CA (Humboldt County).  We are competitive and very focused on fun.  Team is mostly ex-college players with 6 or more years experience playing in the NW region.  Please send an email if you'd like to pick up with us.




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