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#1 2006-06-20 12:35 pm

Air Bounce
From: Seattle
Registered: 2006-05-10
Posts: 171

Voodoo Child video

Ultivillage just posted a 5 min clip of Voodoo Child vs Rhino of Portland action from last weekend @ Solstice.  Check it out:
http://www.ultivillage.com/Video/Clip-o … Child.html



#2 2006-06-20 02:41 pm

Mike Schwindeller
From: Wallingford
Registered: 2006-02-27
Posts: 15

Re: Voodoo Child video

Ultivillage is doing some cool stuff.... This is from a post to rsd.

UVtv - The Future of ulti Media

A cross between the Sports pages and the Sports Central Highlights,
UVtv is ulti coverage beyond the status quo. We will cover the top
tournaments, film the biggest games, interview the top stars, and make
it all available to you online the following week. UVtv subscribers
will have access to new footage, Monday through Friday for the next 10

UVtv will feature footage from the following tournaments:

June 10-11 Flowerbowl (Vancouver, BC)
Feature games: Furious vs Invictus Final:  FREE in the Video Archive
(Link to archive)
June 17-18 Solstice (Eugene, Oregon)
        Feature Game: Open Finals, Juniors Showcase game
June 24-25 Hodown (Calgary, AB)
        Feature game: Co-ed Final
July 1-2 MLU/Potlatch (Redmond, WA)
        Feature Games: Potlatch Final, All 7 MLU Games
July will feature the MLU with extensive game footage and interviews

August 13-18 World Junior Ultimate Championships (Devens, MA)
        Feature Games: Open and Women's Finals
August 19-20 ECC (Burlington, WA)
        Feature Games: Saturday Showcase, Sunday Open Finals

We will most likely be adding other tournaments to the schedule.
Potential tournaments:
Canadian Ultimate Championships (Halifax, NS) August 17-20
Chesapeake Open (Poolesville, MD) August 26-27
Colorado Cup or Youth Club Championships, August 5-6

UV will also be using this opportunity to look for talented reporters
across the world.  By soliciting videos, photos and tournament write
ups from across the world, we hope to provide more and more coverage to
the UVtv subscriber, while reporters will be rewarded with UV Gear,
DVDs, Downloads or the grand prize; a $1000 UVtv media contract.

Tournament coverage will include:
Feature Game downloads (15-20 minutes) of the feature games listed
above. We guarantee at least one feature game per week for the next 10
weeks plus 6 bonus games.
The UVtv site will feature written summaries of the tournament with
game highlights and player interviews linked directly from the text.

UVtv will also be profiling the top players in the game. Click on your
favorite player to watch their highlights, interviews, or read their
bio. We will be profiling a minimum of 20 players throughout the summer

MLU coverage: UVtv will be filming every MLU game with 2 cameras to
catch all of the insane action that is bound to take place. Stay tuned
as the games top stars showcase the beauty of this sport and take it to
levels never seen before.

WJUC coverage: UVtv will be in Devens, MA filming the stars of the
future as these young athletes represent their countries at the World
Junior Ultimate Championships.

Fantasy League: Register in our fantasy league that will follow the top
open teams and players through the MLU tournament and ECC. Prizes to be
announced shortly.

UVtv Guarantees - The Subscription will include:
Over 7 hours of feature game downloads and player highlights.
In depth write ups from each tournament, including player interviews
and game highlights.
New footage every weekday for the next 10 weeks
Bonus Material: Wisconsin vs CUT Regional final: Only the winner goes
to Nats
                UBC vs Oregon at NW Regionals
                NACS Coverage: Furious vs Sockeye and Riot vs Rough Riders
(highlights of all 4 games)
                More announcements to come.

All this for only $19.99 "Buy Now" link

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Let UVtv sponsor your tournament by providing you with subscriptions
that can be given away as prizes, or to reward your volunteers. Contact

Team Subscriptions (10 memberships)
Whether you're officially on a team together or not, if you and 9
friends want to subscribe together, you will save $100. Contact

Team Fundraising
Your team can use UVtv subscriptions to help raise money for your
travel costs. Your team keeps 50% of the revenue, meaning that you'll
earn $100 for every 10 subscriptions sold. If you are competing in one
of the featured tournaments and sell 50 subscriptions, UVtv will do a
feature on your team and include it in the summer package. Contact



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