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#1 2010-05-07 09:09 am

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St. Johnsbury Academy Tournament - Spot for Girls Team

St. Johnsbury TD :

Hello everyone,

On May 22nd and 23rd St. Johnsbury Academy will be hosting it's 6th annual home tournament. Full tournament information is online right here: www.sjainvite.org

We have 35 teams coming in from 6 states for a tremendous weekend of Ultimate.

Right now we have 9 girls teams. I would like to find or form one more girls team to bring us up to 10.

If you have a girls team and you'd like to attend the tournament, let me know.

If you have just a few girls, or even just one, that would like to play in the tournament, let me know that as well. In each of the past tournaments I have put together a pickup team. I would love for that team to form again this year.

The tournament is UPA sanctioned so all players need to be UPA members.

The tournament fee is waived for this 10th team courtesy of a local donor. All housing a food is provided. All you need to do is get to St. Johnsbury.

William Bartram
Executive Director, DiscNW



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