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#1 2006-02-18 12:02 pm

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Bitter Ultimate Recap

Holy Moly!  [2/17]
Someone is bringing entirely too much baggage to the whole dating another ulty player discussion. Your ulty relationship didn't work out, ok we get it - guess what, coulda happened with someone you met at a bar, or the coffee shop, or work, or school, or standing at the bus stop.

Assumptions, Assumptions...  [2/17]
Who says that "Actually" is a guy?

Team Dating  [2/17]
You're right that sometimes it can be a good idea to date someone on your team provided that they are a good person. However this person can be found on and off of the field. I think that I was very unlucky on the field, but very fortunate off the field. Then again I have encountered some guys on the field that I would never date because they were so full of themselves. Are you one of them?

Actually  [2/16]
Sometimes it is a good idea to date someone on the team, at least for someone as sexy as myself. That way all the singleton ladies on the team aren't as distracted on the field since they know they can't have me.

Bitter Ultimate [2/16]
True, it is not always a good idea to date a fellow player, especially when it turns out that they have more problems and skeletons in the closet than one might hope for and aren't as nice as they seemed on the field. So players beware. However, in the end you are better off without that person and can move on to bigger and better things. Of course when they see you with your new sweetie, they will be jealous and you will be so happy to be with someone great, not problematic wink Let Love Rule!

Or someone gets the team, the friends and someone gets the boot. Usually the guy, cause we all know ladies are a more valuable asset for team than one more dude on the roster...

Bitter Ultimate  [2/16]
It's not always a great idea to date other Ultimate players anyway. It sucks to have to bail from teams and tournaments because the jerk always shows up. Nightmare, I tell you.

Bitter Ultimate  [2/16]
How long can singles ultimate last before descending into couples ultimate?

re:Bitter Ultimate  [1/26]
It's an all-too-common theme in lower-to-mid level teams. Teammates with significant others (especially significant others that don't play Ultimate) will run a muck to a team's unification. Getting these players out to tournaments in like pulling teeth. Then there's the mess of parental visits. When it's all said and done what you have is: BITTERNESS

Of course there are exceptions to rule. When two players love each other as much as they love their team (or somewhere in the same ballpark) then there can be a win-win situation.

-Bitter monkey

Single vs. Attached theme [1/26]
I think that's a great idea. You could have single co-ed hat leagues/tournaments. You could also bolster that with teams of all attached players (couples) if numbers was an issue. Isn't that why a lot of people play co-ed anyway? C'mon admit it.

Bitter Ultimate [1/26]
Do you really have to be single to play on this team? Is that some kind of theme?

Bitter Ultimate? [1/26]
New Spring League team (slog/walla/gnarly also) planning in the works....just gotta be Single (25+)...with skills preferable. Level will be intermediate to high. Send an email with your interest...age, teams you played on, years in Seattle, committment level. bitterultimate @ hotmail. com (no spaces)

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