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#1 2009-06-12 11:36 pm

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2 Portland women wishing to pick up

Hello - my best friend and I are looking to pick up for Potlatch.
We have both been playing for about 5 years and are now playing coed club in Portland.

Have been playing a lot of Ultimate this spring and hoping for more this summer.

Please be in touch if you are looking for a couple more ladies.

Thank you,



#2 2009-06-20 11:24 pm

Registered: 2007-06-25
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Re: 2 Portland women wishing to pick up

Hey Tova,

We are the Madtown Boozehounds, and we regularly pickup a few players every year to join us at Potlatch. If you are still looking for a team, we could definitely offer you a home. Our goal for the tournament is first to have an extraordinary time playing ultimate with spirited people, and secondary to try to win a few games. Feel free to email me at hockeypeteschramm@gmail.com



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