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#1 2006-06-05 02:56 pm

joe buck
Registered: 2006-05-25
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You can probably guess what I'm asking

There's only three reasons to pick up a male for Potlatch.
Reason 1- He's awesome.  The guy just puts up his nickname, and everyone is in awe since they've head of him in hushed tones for years.
Reason 2- He's baggage.  Your team needs ladies, and he's a package deal with his girlfriend, and her sister (who won't even end up playing).
Reason 3- He promises to buy a lot of beer.  You know it will end up being Schlitz, so really it's not even worth it.

Guess how many of these I can fill. 
Yeah, not many.  But here's the new reason to pick me up.  I've been picking up some of you stragglers onto my team for the past few years, and this time I need the favor.  Three years ago I picked up that professional chef who ended up cooking all the salmon.  Last year I even picked up that British guy who did nothing but heckle the other teams and try to sleep with all my teammates.  Where's my karmic retribution? 
Not a good enough reason?  How about I think it would be nice if you did.  I mean I am the TD for two different Oregon tournaments and I could drastically overseed your team to help you out.  Maybe you'd earn a first and last round bye. 
That's all I got. 
Reason 4- Bribery and vague threats. 
If I don't get on a team, you'll force me to hold a grudge and schedule all your teams to play at 7:30 AM on Saturday.

Don't make me stoop to offering lady baggage.  It's tacky.

P.S. If you do take my threat seriously, just pick up Laura instead, she's my co-TD that makes all the real decisions.

birdflag (at) gmail



#2 2006-06-05 03:56 pm

Registered: 2006-02-16
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Re: You can probably guess what I'm asking

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle... whether you are fit to call yourself Laura's baggage is under serious deliberation :p


"This is why I'm hot."



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