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#26 2008-10-31 04:25 pm

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Re: The Future of Potlatch

I've been going to Potlatch off and on for a while now and if I had to throw one suggestion for helping avoid possible reoccurances of this years trouble I would suggest Security. I think if you are going to hold the party at a professional venue , i.e. anything where property damage could occur then you should have a full security team there to keep order. Hire professionals to run ID check, gate attendance, and police the grounds. They won't kill the party buzz, just keep it a bit more civilized. I also like the idea of a beer garden separate from the rest of the party, but make sure to have an ID check station there too and don't let drinks wander from the garden.



#27 2009-03-02 04:40 pm

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Re: The Future of Potlatch

appleshampoo :

iferguson :

Finally, I've been really annoyed by the intentional fouling during play....

Clearly we need some refzervers for all games at potlatch. </rsd>

That's not what I had in mind. That would be a ton of observers, and many of the lower level games don't need it. There may be less expensive ways to improve the situation.
Perhaps something like a demonstration of the 11th edition changes. We have demonstration of great play at the pizza games, why not demonstration of great spirit, too.
At one point during a demonstration game, I saw a player (I think a Shazam player) had the disc near the goal on the sideline, and was getting marked illegally. He called for disc space and called a foul but it was contested. The marker continued to foul him. It was a clear demonstration of how the game is played; i.e., not by the 11 edition rules.
One player I discussed this was unaware that the marking rules had changed at all. Perhaps the TDs could encourage a higher level of support for the rules, either at the demonstration games or the captain's meeting.

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#28 2009-03-11 12:19 am

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Re: The Future of Potlatch

How about no peanut butter at disc central? It's usually on all the food by the time I get there...



#29 2009-05-25 01:36 am

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Re: The Future of Potlatch

I really enjoyed the tournament. As a Brit I wasn't used to an American tournament so it was a good eye opener. The people were very pleasant and  friendly, the ultimate culture was a bit different to what I'm used to -spirit games and post game procedure is a little different this side of the pond. As it happens I'm also a full time TD so I have a lot of experience of Ultimate tournaments in Europe.
The 'program' was a nice touch but it didn't have to use so much paper listing all the teams. A detailed breakdown of the tournament brackets and schedule would have been nice -I didn't understand the bracketing system at all; was it a swiss-draw?

Drinking water, free coffee, free bagels, free fruit, medical personnel, tournament staff, pitch side camping were all good. More visible uniforms for the tournament staff might have helped.
My only downside was not being able to camp on the last night but I ended up staying with the 5 guys instead.

I didn't think the behavior was that bad. I was stood right next to the guy who broke the tree and it was a genuine accident (the tree was only a couple of inches thick). I heard that some golf carts got stolen/damaged which is a real shame but they should have been safely locked away in storage overnight; I have no idea weather the damage occurred during the day.
I think that free beer isn't a great idea but I enjoyed the party. I wasn't happy with the treatment from one of the bouncers - I left my bag with my passport in the upstairs room and he wouldn't let me go upstairs to get it; he was an aggressive tosser but that's not really anyone's fault.

The free food was much better than the food at Paganello.

The pitches were lovely, although a small pitchside shop with obvious essentials would have been nice as the local amenities were miles away.

No scoreboards was a bit weird. Every tournament in Europe has pitchside scoreboards.

lift share forum would be a nice idea

Anyway, I thought it was great, keep up the good work.




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