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Acupuncture/Massage for Ultimate Players...


I am an experienced acupuncturist, herbalist, and massage therapist helping people of all ages with various health and wellness concerns.

Although I don't play ultimate frisbee, I am a fan and supporter of those who do, and would be honored to help those of you who may have injuries of various sorts or other health concerns. I am a martial artist as well and are used to working with and treating those who are active and have musculo-skeletal injury/rehabilitative needs. For example, this can be anything from dislocated shoulders and torn ligaments in the knee to general overuse injuries, muscle tightness and fatigue.

Normally, my first session of this sort is an hour and a half for $120 and subsequent one-hour sessions for $85. I'm happy to offer any ultimate player a discount of $105 for the first session and $75 for subsequent sessions. All sessions will include a combination of acupuncture, massage, and use of topical Chinese herbal ointments. If finances are a concern, and you're in need or interested in my services, give me a call anyway... let's see what we can figure out.

For more information, please go to my website:
http://www.thezenofhealing.com or call me directly at 206-696-1121

You can also visit my Yelp! page to view some recent reviews of my services:
http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-zen-of-heal … mp-seattle

Thanks and play your best!
- David A. Tucker, MSAOM, L.Ac, LMP



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