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#1 2009-03-26 03:26 pm

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Summer Youth Ultimate Camps

Registration is now open for the 2009 summer camps.  The following sessions are available:

June 15-19: Single-gender middle school sessions.

June 22-26: Co-ed sessions for the following age groups: 10-11, 12-13, and high School.

August 17-21: Co-ed sessions for the following age groups: 10-11, 12-13, and high School.

Click here for more information about the camps, including FAQ and a link to register.

Can't wait until camp?  Also check out Spring MoHo for high school students

Wynne Scherf
Director of Youth Operations



#2 2009-06-13 09:37 pm

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Re: Summer Youth Ultimate Camps

My 12 year old son was looking to get into the camps at Van Asselt, but the 1st session in June was cancelled, now the August 17 - 21 does not appear. Is this cancelled too due to lack of registration?

If the camp fills up or is cancelled, please continue to show these with their status  and establish a waiting list, if full.  Our summer schedules need planning and our summer vacations often have to fit around the camps in which our kids are interested. So if the camp's status changes we need to know what is happening.





#3 2009-06-19 12:09 pm

Push Pass
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Re: Summer Youth Ultimate Camps

The camp Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) has been updated to answer this question.

I have added some other kinds of youth playing opportunities in conjunction with parks, DiscNW, Sam Terry, and our great community of HS age volunteer coaches to ensure serving kids in the all the neighborhoods in Seattle. Hopefully this will lead to even more opportunities for youth in future years.

Thanks for the question RC and thanks for getting signed up for the new opportunity so quickly. If anyone has any questions feel free to e-mail me directly at Mike dot Mullen at discnw dot org.

Thanks - Mike Mullen, Seattle Youth Ultimate Camps Co-Director and Co-Founder



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