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Potlatch 2009

Potlatch 2009: (Theme TBD*)
July 3, 4, and 5 at Sixty Acres Park in Redmond, WA.

Hey, it’s our 20th year!!

Registration opens on 3/18 at http://potlatch.discnw.org/. 
•   March 18th: Bid window opens
•   April 24th: Bid window closes – (Team Fee (TBA very soon) due)
•   May 4th: Bids will be given out

Bids will be granted on a variety of factors.  We’ll be looking at Spirit, History, Experience, Geography, Bid Creativity, and Volunteer Activities for DiscNW (local teams only) as just some of the team traits during the Bid selection process.  This year, there will be heavy focus on Bid Creativity.  Write us a poem espousing your love of Potlatch.  Sing us a song praising the beauty of the Northwest.  Choreograph a modern dance interpreting the life of a salmon.  Get the idea?!?

With Potlatch continuing with the three day format, we’re planning to once again have 100 teams!!! 

* Theme Contest – Help us create the tagline for Potlatch 2009 and win a special prize.  We want the tagline/theme to be based on: Great Spirit of the Game, Respect, Ultimate Community, and of course…Fun!!!  Please send suggestions directly to potlatch@discnw.org.

Please stay tuned for several more announcements in the next week or so with greater details about new policies and programs designed to keep the Potlatch Tournament tradition alive and well.  Looking forward to seeing some great bids!  If you have any questions, please contact us at potlatch@discnw.org.

Potlatch 2009 TDs



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