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#1 2008-09-27 10:00 pm

Push Pass
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Youth Field Priority - Examples and Arguments

Below is the same thing I posted on the bigger thread. I figured it would be good to post it as a stnd alone thread in youth too.

Examples of what youth priority on fields would mean and why it is important.

Example #1: Basics of Field Costs
Field costs in Seattle Parks, King County Parks, and Shoreline Parks:
Seattle Parks: Youth Games $5 per hour; Adult Games $40 per hour
Shoreline: Youth Games $4.25 grass/ $20.75 per hour sythetic per hour. Adult $30 grass, $67 sythetic per hour game.
King County (Marymoor) Youth grass: $12 per hour, youth synthetic $45 per hour. Adult grass $20 per hour, synthetic $45 (same as adult)

(By the way youth camps do indeed pay the $25-$55 dollars per hour for our fields)

With just this information it is blatantly obvious to anyone that youth should always be playing in Seattle for $5 per hour on any surface. That should be enough to win the argument. Links to parks cost I used:
http://www.cityofshoreline.com/parks/in … /index.cfm
http://www.seattle.gov/parks/reservatio … /field.htm

Eample #2: Summer 2007 YCC versus Adult Leagues at Magnuson on Monday Nights
If anyone at DiscNW says there are no occassions when youth didn't get fields because of adult, they are not correct. In the summer of 2007 the DiscNW YCC teams were sent by DiscNW out to Marymoor becasue there were no fields available in Seattle at Magnuson. The reason YCC couldn't be at Magnuson was because DiscNW put Summer Master's Hat, Summer Mens Hat, and Summer Womens Hat. These leagues were somewhat directed by or had the participation of several board members. (Including you Barney). Thanks for supporting youth there by forcing us out to Marymoor at $45 per hour instead of the $5 per hour the kids should have been paying in Seattle. And nice of you to increase the charges to the 2008 YCC kids to pay for the loss in 2007. Luckily the DiscNW adults saved $15 per hour and didn't have to drive out to Redmond. And yes, I have been angry about this since then seeing how I was one of the YCC coaches. (Shout out to Frank Nam who soldiered through a blown out knee to still go to Minnesota with YCC as the GM - very impressive)

Example # 3: Did anyone ask the 2007 HS Coed coaches if they would rather be at Magnuson on Sundays than at Marymoor on Saturdays?
(This one is complicated and frankly my skills at trying to explain it are not that strong. If any of you math people want a shot at this please do so.)
My formula (no playoffs for any league are part of these calculations):
2007 MS Coed League - Magnuson Saturdays
28 teams playing 8 games each = 224 total games. Divide total games by 2 because 2 teams on same field = 112 ultimate fields. 112 ultimate fields time 75 minutes = 140 game hours. Divide the league expenses by that amount and you have an average of about $5.70 per hour of expenses per game field.

2007 HS Coed League - Marymoor Saturdays
19 teams times 8 games = 152 games divided by two = 76 ultiamte fields times 90 minute games = 114 game hours. Divide the league expenses by that amount and you have an average of about $42.50 per hour of expenses per game field.

2007 Adult Spring League - Sundays at Magnuson
43 teams times 12 games = 516 games divided by 2 and multiplied by 2 hour games = 516 games hours. Divide league expenses by 516 = about $38.75 per game hour.

So the question remains did anyone happen to ask the HS coed league coaches if they would rather play in Seattle on Sundays for much less money? That question should have been asked and if enough people were looking out for youth it would have been. This is basically another example of youth paying the price literally and figuratively for being aligned with an adult organization. If youth truly had field priority or its own organization this would not have happend.

Has anyone asked HS coed about this upcoming year? Frankly there probably won't be enough field space at Magnuson on Saturdays for MS let alone HS. (As scheduler of MS last year I had to bump Whitman, Salmon Day and Mercer from the weekend league because there was not enough Saturday field space) And seeing how HS coed is more of a introduction/beginners league, it really shouldn't be so inaccessible to so many kids in Seattle that we are trying to reach.  And for the love of god whoever is organizing ES league this spring put it at Magnuson on Friday nights and bump the adult league. (This would be a great time for any coaches who have players (current or former) that participate in HS coed to pipe up.

That's all I got. The Husky game on TV is almost over and I have better things to do.




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