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#1 2008-09-13 07:05 pm

From: Columbia City
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Found at Marymoor 4 Sat 9/13

I found the following items at Marymoor field 4 on Saturday.  Please contact me to be reunited:

      * Green aluminum bike bottle says "Teams US Forest Service"
      * Blue off-brand Nalgene with black lid.  There is a recessed ring around the middle of the bottle
      * Dark blue water bottle says "DigitalNet"
      * Black LS cotton T, size M, says "I am connected Kalamazoo College"
      * Two discs: one Shazam nationals 2007, marked "The Blue House", one Potlatch 2002 No Dogs, no mark.  These discs were together.

Contact me if the items are yours. 

Julie Keenan
julianne dot keenan at gmail dot com



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