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#1 2008-08-22 07:33 pm

High Release
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1 Bedroom Apartments in the U District

I am posting this for my landlord because he is such a great guy. There are a number of decent apartments available in my apartment building, the Norman Arms, 5035 15th Ave NE.  I believe they are all 1 bedroom and priced around $800. The place is secure, and the  other tenants are nice (except for the bloke down the hall who plays for Toolbox). Coin-op laundry in the basement and in good working order.

As I said, the landlord, Erik, is a great guy, he is always available, and wants his tenants to be happy.  We are moving across town next month, and I guess I feel a bit guilty to be saddling him with another vacancy.  Give him a call if you need a place in September or October.


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