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Seattle Public Fall League FAQ -

Some folks who didn't get this is the spring are asking for details so I am posting the FAQ here. The spreadsheet with the draft schedules didn't transfer well, so if you want to see it, e-mail me. At this point I don't know if thei league will happen or not.

Seattle Public High Schools Fall Ultimate League Plan - by Mike Mullen - April 23, 2008                                   
Frequently Asked Questions                           
Why Seattle Public High Schools Only?                           
1. Seattle Public has a middle school program. Too often kids who play in middle school don't have the opportunity to play in high school.                    
2. By making it a Seattle Public only league there is more of a likelihood of using Seattle Public fields.                           
Is there a long term plan to let teams from other school districts be involved in this league?

No. The long term plan is to keep it SPS only. The focus would be on full participation in the league as well as having JV teams. If other school districts decided to have fall leagues (this would be the template) then there could be some sort of fall championship tournament. Again the focus won't be on starting those leagues but on making the SPS HS league as strong and as well run as possible.                                                   
Why in the fall?                           
1. Seattle Public Schools middle school league is in the fall.           
2. There is less conflict with other HS sports that need field space than there is in the spring.
3. College ultimate players are more available to coach in the fall because that is out of season for them though some of them will still have commitments on sectionals and maybe regionals weekend.                           
4. By having it in the fall it would help the incoming ninth graders integrate into the school faster.                           
Where would we get coaches?                           
Hopefully college players would see the advantage of helping build a strong Seattle Public Schools high school league. This could and would be a feeder program to help strengthen the local college programs.                           
It would be great if there were actually teachers in each school who would coach but that is still a few years away. Non-college fall club players also could be a possibility though they are in their main season.                                                       
Would coaches get paid?                           
Not by the school district. We could try to push the parent auxiliaries to lead some fundraising. We certainly could put SPS HS coaches on the short list for camp coaching positions.                           
Where would game fields be located?                           
We would ask the school district for free access to game fields on Saturdays or Sundays.  We would try to play on just FieldTurf fields because they are safer and less likely to be closed by weather. The league schedules (see above) are made in a way that can have four teams on one soccer field which fits two ultimate fields. These fields could be centrally located.                           
Would practice fields be available?                           
We would ask the school district for secondary access (access after football and girls soccer) are done using the fields. This would most likely mean that practice would start until 4 or 5PM. There could be some sort of study hall requirement built into participation to ensure that players in the league will have college options. Maybe there could be an AmeriCorps tie-in at schools that have that program.                           
There is also the possibility that there won't be many practices that instead there are only games. If that is the case it would make sense, to ask for extra hours on the weekend to have combined practices (like Moho) before games are played on Sundays. If this happens it would make more sense to only have single games on those days.                           
Could players from other schools participate on SPS teams?                           
Three possible answers on this.                       
1. No                           
2. Only if there is no ultimate program (fall or spring) at your HS.           
3. Only if there is no ultimate program (fall or spring) at your HS and you are a SPS HS student. #3 is the recommendation I would make but the options would be limited to the school nearest the one you currently attend or the one nearest to where you live. The league would also have the option of combining programs to form teams if there are not enough players at particular SP schools.                           
Why single gender and not coed?                           
1. There are plenty of coed options out there already in adult leagues and in HS spring league.                           
2. Coed is not the best model to grow the number of participants. One varsity coed team is half the number of varsity single gender teams.               
3. Coed is not the best way to grow girls participants. Sooner or later someone is going to come along who is very willful about growing girls HS ultimate and it could quickly outgrow boys ultimate (ala volleyball). This league would provide the framework for that growth to happen.                           
4. This is among other things a prepatory league. If the expectation is that a certain number of students from this league are going to go on and play in college then we should be preparing them for that.                           
Will this help or hurt spring league participation?                           
It will probably help though it should be league policy to look at the fall league as a separate entity. Hopefully this will give access to ultimate for a lot of players who are very committed spring athletes in other sports. It should be league policy to encourage those athletes to continue to play those sports in the spring.                            
What would the cost per team be for league participation?                           
It's free. If the SPS doesn't give free access to fields we should think about fronting the money ourselves. Of course discs and uniforms cost money but hopefully some fundraising could go on there.                           
Who is going to make this happen?                           
A call will go out to people who may be willing to help make this happen. From there we need some people to step forward to help push this through. There is also some talk of a paid position in Seattle to make this happen but that is still talk.



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