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#1 2006-05-23 12:07 pm

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Coed Hat Tourney in Mexico

[Posted on behalf of Fernando.]

Hello, Ultimate in Mexico wants you!!!!  For the past 6 years we have
promoted a tournament (Ultimate Fiesta en Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco,
Mexico) on the Pacific side of our Country, NOW it is time to go
promote on the ATLANTIC Side. (Gulf of Mexico)

We are organizing an Ultimate Tournament together with some Rafting
and some Beach Ultimate . This will be a Coed Hat Tournament, in the
city of Xalapa, VERACRUZ which means you don't need to come a full
team to come down here and help us Promote Ultimate in the
Universidad Veraruzana!!!! (Veracruz University- UV)

This experience will be held the last week on August and it has been
designed so that you can make the most of it depending on your time.
Our website is:

We will also be holding some clinics in the month of July and this is
the deal: You become an ultimate coach for a couple of weeks in
exchange for bed and breakfast, plus you get to practice your Spanish
and hang out with the Ultimate Players in San Luis Potosi, Mexico
which will show you a good time (If you don't speak Spanish don't
worry, we will teach you some).  If you are interested on either or
contact me at ultimatemexico@yahoo.com.mx

(Have you planned your summer vacation? Maybe you could help us out!)

Saludos y Gracias,

Fernando  (Fdo)



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