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#1 2008-06-06 02:04 pm

From: Seattle, WA (BALLARD!)
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Sunny Cute Room in Ballard Homeshare, 525+utils, Available NOW.

PLEASE NOTE: Room is available now and so ee are prioritizing interviews for people able to rent starting BEFORE the July. smile

Hello! We have a cute, sunny, main-floor, hard-wooded room available to the right person, right away. It's about 10x10, bright turquoise, and will run $525/month plus shared utils. The room has South and West facing windows on a quiet street, great friendly neighborhood. Shared full bath with 1-2 others. We are looking for a clean, respectful, communicative roomie. Regular hours and successful group living experience a plus. Full use of the comfy friendly common areas, of course. Owner (+ 3) occupied home. I am hoping for a female roomie (to maintain gender ballance) that can help us unleash the massive garden potential and join in with shared meals.

The house is on a quiet residential street near multiple bus lines (28, 15) and a convenient bike path that links seamlessly to the Burk Gilman Trail to Freemont, UW, Golden Gardens, Lake Union, and Lake Washington. There is a large fenced back yard with a huge fir tree, and a big covered deck—perfect for BBQs and Sunsets. Free W/D on site, high speed-internet wireless is available. No dishwasher, so we all have to stay on top of that situation “Leave no dish behind” is a very firm rule.

Move in cost is $1050 (first month’s rent and a $525 fully refundable deposit). Month to month is fine, but I am looking for a stable set of people. Util's are shared and are very reasonable: ~$40/month for everything including wireless internet, up to $60 in the winter with five people depending on how you like the thermostat.

Here’s us: Sara: (24) Evergreen Graduate, Lesbian, AmeriCorps Bicycle Advocacy Volunteer from Hawaii. Nick: (31) Ice Climber, Mountaineer, Web-designer at UW, From MT. Jim: (timeless 71) Wall-Street Energy (including alternative) analyst, Former oil company CEO, and professional boxing coach, who regularly jogs and bikes 20 blocks to see his local girlfriend.

Then there’s me, “T.R.”: (37) Male, homeowner, naturopathic doctor, college professor, (microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, genetics), and laboratory consultant. I've done nothing but home-shares x 18-years and so while open, mellow, and flexible I do have a pretty good idea of what to takes to create a nice space for a household. I'm somewhere between progressive and radical on the political scale, live both a bit wild and also healthy, love the outdoors, and strive to create health, connection and fun for everything around me. I do lots to minimize my ecological footprint: walk and bike as much as possible, conserve resources, avoid supporting misbehaving corporations, eat local organic food as much as possible, etc. I have been playing competitive ultimate frisbee for 20 years, I am an avid (and responsible) home brewer, have worked as everything from a bicycle mechanic, DD residential counselor, karate instructor, a cook, and USFS firefighter and wildlife surveyor.

I have a SUPER sweet rescue kitty--very shy with other animals. So we are full up on pets. Caged, quiet, odorless pets negotiable. Thinking of chickens in the backyard though!

The doors are old and need care when being closed in order to not make a "big bang" in the wee hours. Failure to do this would get old for me, but I have a very big heart and I do communicate well. I mention this because you and I would be sharing a hallway, a nearby bathroom and a wall. What else? I have really-fun and safe-rowdy friends, and I throw 2-3 parties a year, often costume themed, at these occasions, dancing till 2am or later would not be unusual. Advance warning always provided (and expected for any significant event of yours).

I strive to make the home a place where everyone can be at ease, relax and recharge, with minimal friction. There will be no tragedy of the commons on my watch! In order to preserve a home environment that is safe comfortable and rejuvenative for all:

1. We agree to respect the quiet hours: Before 7am and after 10pm on weeknights. Afterwards, we make every effort to minimize noise and to speak, step and close doors softly, unless mutually agreed upon beforehand.

2. We clean up after ourselves in the kitchen: dishes, pans, sink floor and other pertinent surfaces after every meal.

3. We agree to respect the airspace of the household. No common space clutter, drama, “yell phone” conversations, and we even have an agreement that any annoying commercials on TV or radio must be attended to (muted). Also, any long-lost lover arguments/sex-marathons (while we might be ALL for you personally) should not negatively affect the home environment.

4. We agree to perform a significant weekly chore every week by Tuesday night. Current options include: Yard, deep cleanings of kitchen, common areas bathroom, and garbage/recycle/compost.

Pretty simple really. smile

I'd love to share food and meals with my homies (and I am a great cook) but I do not want to impose anything. As an incentive I'll offer up my personal guideline: "s/he who cooks for others shall not clean."

To give you a better idea of the flavor/vibe I try to sustain in the home, here is my reply to someone asking about guests in the house:

"People will have guests from time to time. Respecting property, cleanliness, common space vibes, and quiet times is paramount. If the guest is largely invisible, then it's certainly no big deal. If the two of you make more noise, mess, use more resources or take up more physical or psychic space, it's traditional for the guest (or the host) to take visible steps to make the visit a net-positive for the entire home. Gifts of food or beverage, kicking in for utilities, helping out with chores, gardening or fixing things, anything that adds to the home really. Get creative. If the guest is not the type of person that would do this naturally then the host can either coach them or take measures into your own hands and do things for the benefit of the house themselves. If we follow this prescription, then visitors add to the home rather than detract. And after we establish trust that we will all follow these guidelines, then everyone looks forward to guests as a source of good things, not just inconvenience."

Still Reading? Great. Write or call me and tell me what you liked about the add and why you think you’d be a good fit.

plays_well (at) hotmail.com
(206) nine four seven - four nine one five


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