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#1 2007-06-07 02:43 pm

From: Mapleleaf
Registered: 2006-05-22
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Got women?

Woman looking to pick-up with a team for Potlatch.  I have played in several Vern's leagues, summer & fall hat, and a little bit of team league.  I won't be the fastest woman on your team, but I will be the one having the most fun.  I'm local so I can practice with your team if you want...and there just might be sideline snacks involved.  Oh..and I'm a nurse...so if anyone gets hurt I know how to apply bandaids the loving and caring way.



#2 2007-06-13 01:43 pm

Registered: 2006-05-11
Posts: 7

Re: Got women?

HI Melanie,

We could use another woman. We are a fun team, that wins sometimes and always has a great time! We also love sideline snacks.

We are local, prcaticing usually consists of drinking beers planning our games for Potlatch, but who knows, we might get a real practice together before Potlatch.

Let me know if you are interested jnoelb@hotmail.com

Take care,



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