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#1 2006-05-10 03:48 pm

From: Chicago
Registered: 2006-05-10
Posts: 9

Board minutes?

Nice work on the site.  It'll take a bit of getting used to, but I think you guys did a good job and it's nice to see quick responses to feedback.  Although I can't believe you took away the old bulletin board, after all the complaints that went down the last time that happened...

So, are the board meeting minutes going to be posted in the future?  I was talking to Janna about this last week and she said that the board has been ratifying them regularly, but I noticed that there hadn't been an update on the old site in months.  I'd love to hear what the board is up to these days... *cough*

(or, are they already posted somewhere and I'm a blind idiot?)



#2 2006-05-10 04:52 pm

Push Pass
Registered: 2006-05-05
Posts: 62

Re: Board minutes?

You're not blind, nor an idiot.  I think the board minutes will be put up soon.




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