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#1 2007-01-20 12:27 pm

From: Kirkland
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Master's WOMENS division?

Hello Ladies!  There's a big push in the Bay area to reinstate a women's masters division.  Melle Clark has set up a yahoo group, and has gotten a tremendous response.  I'm passing the word along.  If you're interested in seeing a women's masters division (defined as 30+), join the discussion group, and spread the word.

The group is:

Here's the original email from Melle:
> It may be time to revive the Womens Masters division. The UPA featured
> this division from approx. 1991-1998 and cancelled it for lack of
> subscription at Nationals. There may now be sufficient numbers of
> women over 30 who would like to play womens and are tired of chasing
> fellas and gals half their age in Womens and Mixed. Friends I've
> discussed this with have been very enthusiastic, including ones
> currently retired or playing in the other divisions.
> We are in negotiations to feature a Womens Masters division at this
> year's Masters tournaments. I have created this Yahoo group so that we
> can ferret out the numbers and see what kind of interest there is.
> Please pass this message on to any ultimate-playing women over 30 you
> know. If needed, I hope I can coordinate regional groups when I get
> numbers collected. We may feature a hat-style div. at an upcoming
> tournament. Please let your women know.



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