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#1 2006-11-16 11:35 pm

High Release
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magnuson fields

happened by the old magnuson playing fields on 11-15 in wind and driving rain and that redone fields looks awesome. wasn't even squishy. could hold like 15 ultimate fields. will discnw ever get back on there?

sandpoint was still the same old shitty fields as it used to be when we were skinning our knees there. all together. in love with ultimate and each other. will discnw ever get back there? from all over the place?



#2 2006-11-17 10:23 am

Registered: 2006-06-04
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Re: magnuson fields

Good question! The Seattle ultimate community has definitely suffered from our games being dispersed to the four winds, where instead of seeing, say, half the ultimate commuity on a given Sunday at Magnuson/Sandpoint, you might see one other game's worth of disc players at the same fields you're at now. (Oh, and our sanity and the region's traffic and the global climate have suffered, too, as ult'y players drive to far-off places like Kent and Marymoor. That's assuming (correct me if I'm wrong) that, despite growing ranks of players in places like Tacoma and the Eastside, that the vast majority of league players still hail from within Seattle city limits.)

I do love the geographic hat league: by arranging teams by neighborhood, it greatly increases the ease and logic of carpooling to games with your teammates, reducing our li'l community's oil consumption and pollution.



#3 2006-11-17 11:08 am

Executive Director
From: Wallingford
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Re: magnuson fields

The fields at Magnuson (the ones we used to call the Magnuson fields near the tennis courts) are scheduled to reopen for the spring 2007 season.  The new grass is taking root and should be in great shape after the winter.  The softball backstops have been removed, and the whole area has been regraded.  Last time I was there the parking lot and bathrooms still needed work, but the playfields were looking great.

By rough measurement we should be able to get 6 full size ultimate fields there.  This is an improvement over the small size 5 that we used to be able to fit there.  Since the softball fields are gone we should be able (cross your fingers) to get a lot of time there.  We won't hear from Seattle Parks about our spring reservations for a little while.

It is a bummer to have to travel all over to play league games.  DiscNW has worked hard to cut down on travel as much as possible while still keeping games on good quality fields.  It will be nice to get folks back together like the old days.

The Sand Point fields (to the front of the park) are still in rough shape.  That whole area is slated for major renovations.  Eventually there will be a bunch of turf fields - some of which will be lit.  This construction is slated to take years, and will be completed in phases.  The first phase is planned to include two multi-purpose (good for ultimate, soccer, rugby, lacrosse) fields and two base/softball fields.  I'm not sure when this will be completed, but since they haven't even started yet & don't have all the funding needed yet... I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.

William Bartram
Executive Director, DiscNW



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