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#1 2017-03-03 04:24 pm

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Chico dude looking for a team

Hey folks, my name is Sunday and I want to play for your Potlatch team! Yes you, with the disc! I currently reside in northern New York but will be back in beautiful California this summer and would like nothing more than to meet some new folks and spend my 4th of July(or there about) playing ultimate and drinking on the sidelines.

A bit about myself, I am 27 years old,I played for 4 years at Chico State(although don't expect me to be on our boat race line) played one year of mixed and have since been only playing sparingly. I can usually throw pretty decent and my running has been improving, but more than anything I want to party with you! Recently went to Kaimana for a second time and that was a blast, also went to a reborn Gender Blender in Ontario last year. But Potlatch would take the cake and make for an amazing coming home gift! So if any of you lovely ladies and gentlemen want to take a chance on a Chico Grad, please let me know. I will be actively be seeking a team but you could be the lucky one to snag me first!



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