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#1 2006-10-02 12:13 pm

From: Capitol Hill
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Volunteers to set up fields for Mixed Regionals

Mixed Regionals is this upcoming weekend!

Shaykat Chaudhuri (RC) and I are going up to Burlington Friday afternoon around 2-3pm to set up fields for the weekend. If you have a free Friday afternoon to come up and help, we would be very grateful. Shaykat will be leaving from the east side and I'll be leaving from Seattle and we both have room for a few more in our cars. We'd be glad to treat you to some dinner to help show our appreciation!

The fields also will need to be taken down on Sunday, so if you were planning on coming up to watch the finals, please consider staying an extra bit to help take down the fields!

Please send me an email if you'd be interested. Thanks!

Ann Huang
(Mixed TD)
erinys AT gmail DOT com



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