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woman, possible man, and mascot looking for low-level team

hi all,

Figured I'd take a chance and ask! My husband Jeremy and I are relatively new to Seattle. We're looking for a low-level team that can take on a woman and hopefully also a man who will be bringing a 6-month old baby, alternating points (unless, of course, anyone else wants to hold the baby), and juggling games around a nap schedule. The team league, unfortunately, looks like the only league with daytime games where we can bring the baby! So this post seemed worth a shot.

About us:

An-Lon (woman, Masters): played summer leagues and fun (i.e. not "serious") co-ed club tournaments in DC, and beach and summer leagues in LA, back in the '00s. Was mostly a deep, had decent disk skills at one point, but not a handler except at lower levels. Knows the game and desperately wants pre-baby body back. :-)

Jeremy (man, Masters): played summer leagues in LA. Relative beginner who's in decent shape but can't keep up with club-level college guys. Willing to be the sidelines babysitter if a team only needs women.

Nora (baby): Very cute. Would be happy to eat discs, cones, and cleats if given permission. dfgugyk [[[ Poor typist.

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