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#1 2016-03-11 03:33 pm

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Looking for a team in 2016

Hello everyone,

    My name is Brett Knowles and I am looking to be an add on for a team for Potlatch. I know this is early but I live in Florida and have wanted to attend this tournament for a long time and flying there can be expensive

    A little bit about myself is that I have been playing Ultimate for over 5 years and have been steadily advancing my skills and athletic ability. I am 6'3" and am capable of playing any position on the field. In cutter, deep threat, handler or wherever would be useful. I have played in tournaments all across the world from the Middle East to Eastern Asia and really enjoy the traveling experience but unfortunately don't have a team that is making any bids to Potlatch this year. I play at the Club level and this year I tried out for The Jacksonville Cannons . I'm not the best player on the field but I can play however the team does and would really like a spot on anyone's team. If there are any open spots for anyone please let me know ASAP what the bid fee would be for myself and fell free to reply with any tentative offers. Thank you in advance!!



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