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#1 2015-06-23 07:57 am

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alaska dude, really good, looking to pick up


just decided i'd like to make my way to potlatch this year for the first time ever.  very experienced in ultimate in general (15 years, college, elite men's, co-ed).

i can play literally any position on either side of the disc with no concern.  mostly play middle handler on either side, prefer defense.  i coached a men's college team in georgia and we beat florida at regionals (only team to do so).  i promise i'm a game-changer-type of player and i'm a lot of fun to play with.

not looking for unlimited playing time, but not trying to be a water-boy/sideline guy, either.  coming down from alaska and would like to get some value from the ticket.  the more generally competitive the team, the better, but beggars can't be choosers.  i would assume finding guys is not a problem, as finding ladies in alaska is the more difficult task.  I REALLY WANT TO PLAY, THOUGH! someone help me out!

best way to get ahold of me is phone.  i work construction and work a lot.  there is NO inconvenient time to try to reach me.  call or text.

thanks for your time, hope to hear from someone.

tim sharp


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