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11th Edition Rules - Draft Review - It's Here!

As Posted on the UPA Website this morning...

This text and the associated links and documents referenced within can be found at http://www.upa.org/ultimate/rules/11th_draft.

As one of members on the SRC (who also resides in the NW), I can say that each member of the SRC has invested many hundreds of hours to get us where we are now. And now it's all YOUR turns to help... and from comments so far from the little tidbits I've thrown out over the last month or so, I'm quite looking forward to the process.


It's here! The UPA Standing Rules Committee has been working hard on the 11th edition of the Rules of Ultimate, and we finally have a draft version that's ready for public scrutiny. In order for this edition of the rules to be as good as possible, we are requesting feedback and input from our membership. The complete text of the proposed 11th Edition is now posted on the UPA site, as is a list of substantive changes between the 10th and 11th editions .

In addition, we are starting a rules discussion group to help us incorporate YOUR suggestions. You can visit the newsgroup at the following address: http://groups.google.com/group/UPA_11th_edition_rules. Anyone can read the messages posted to this newsgroup, but to post or reply to a message you will need to login or sign up for a google groups account (which is free and easy to do).

The new rules will be available for public review for several months. Please take some time to read through this new edition, and let us know by posting to the newsgroup whether there are any areas that can be improved in terms of clarity or content. Members of the SRC will be checking and replying to this newsgroup regularly. Please limit your posts to rules-related topics. After sufficient time has elapsed for revisions based on feedback from the Ultimate community, a finalized version of the rules will be put to a vote.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in or given input into this process, and thanks in advance for your assistance in helping to make the 11th Edition as comprehensive as possible.

-Peri Kurshan

SRC Chair

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