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#1 2015-04-23 03:45 pm

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Male College Player and New Seattleite Looking For Summer Team(s)

Hi; My name is Alim, and Iím looking for a fun and spirited team to play with this summer!

Iím 6í1Ē with loooong arms, and am primarily a defensive player with more than my fair share of hand and foot blocks.

I played USAU open college in the NW with the University of Victoria for 2 years as a cutter, and am moving to Seattle on June 1.
I also play in a few tourneys every year, and in the Vancouver Ultimate League in Div 2 (of 7.)

Am looking for a team to play with in the summer rec league, and share good sideline chatter with after a long day at work.
(Oh, and have the occasional beer with too)!

Would love to also continue playing competitively, and am also looking for a tournament mixed/open team, and hopefully a regular squad to practice with as well.

Donít hesitate to let me know if you have space for me.
Iíd be delighted to play on your team smile

alimjiwa (at) gmail.com



#2 2015-04-28 04:08 pm

From: Seattle, WA (BALLARD!)
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Re: Male College Player and New Seattleite Looking For Summer Team(s)

Safety Committee sounds like a decent fit for you. We have been doing pretty well in C-pool for a few years, enjoy competitive play almost as much as heckling and sideline beers. We are looking to put together a summer team (Tues and Thurs Evenings on the grass at Magnussen), and we are *urgently* looking to pad our roster for Potlatch (the largest co-ed tournament in the world in Redmond, WA in July.) The Potlatch bid requires six women, and we are a couple short.

Here's the catch. Can you get a woman to commit to potlatch with you?

Send emails to Dave Sinsley for Summer: dsinsley@gmail.com
and Anna Winter for Potlatch: throwsdisc@gmail.com

T.R. Morris



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