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#1 2015-03-23 10:06 am

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Looking for a Summer League Team 2015 (male, 18, 6'3")

Yo my name is Alden, and I'm a college ultimate player at Beloit College in Wisconsin that will be home for the summer. I have 2 years of ultimate experience, and just handled for my team at High Tide in South Carolina. I'm still working on learning positioning, field awareness, and the more technical parts of the game, but I'm athletic (can dunk a frisbee) and would be happy to handle or cut. My flick and backhand are both pretty strong, I've been throwing discs much longer than I've been playing competitive ultimate. I'm also excited, have a permanently good attitude, and am a very skilled and loud cheerer.

My email is blatteram@beloit.edu, shoot me an email if you have a spot on a team!

Thanks so much!



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