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#1 2015-03-10 03:45 pm

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youth teams

Why is Fryz the only game in town for youth Ultimate.  With literally hundreds of kids trying out, why is there not a ultimate league that is similar to the many soccer leagues available?What would it take to make this happen? 

I know many kids who are looking to play outside of their school and can't find a team.  The YCC traveling teams are also limited to a select few (and some of these kids also play for Fryz).  Summer YCC games for non-traveling teams and winter leagues are ok, but they provide little if no practice and very little field time as the teams are so large.  Also, these team are together for such a short period of time, they really can't gel as a team.

I see that many kids that want to play can't.  How can this be changed?



#2 2015-03-11 09:30 am

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Re: youth teams

Thanks for your interest in youth ultimate.

There are several club based playing opportunities in the area that serve players who are looking to play outside of their school team.

The Winter Club 8th-12th grade Open League (www.discnw.org/events/WinterYouthClubLeague/) and the Winter HS Girls' Hat League (https://www.discnw.org/events/wintergirlshat/) recently concluded. 

This spring, there is the Boys' Club League (https://www.discnw.org/events/boysclub/) for high school age players.

In the summer, there will be another club league (last year's web page is here: https://www.discnw.org/events/SummerYouthClubPlay/).  And we are also starting a new camp geared towards teaching advanced ultimate skills (https://www.discnw.org/events/VCULTCamp/).

In the fall, we plan to run a small Middle School Club League (last year's page: https://www.discnw.org/events/FallMSClub/).

DiscNW used to run Moho programs throughout the year as a way for players to get more practice time.  However, interest by players waned, and those programs are not regularly offered any longer.

Additionally, the DiscNW Youth Club Task Force meets regularly throughout the year to develop new playing opportunities for players.  You have identified some key areas that the Task Force is working to improve.  We are also challenged by limited access to play fields, a much smaller player and coach population than soccer, and the long distances between Seattle and other cities with elite youth teams.

Creating new and better youth club programs is a priority, and your input is welcome.  To get in touch with the Youth Club Task Force, or to share your ideas or comments about youth club ultimate, please feel free to email youth.director@discnw.org.

William Bartram
Executive Director, DiscNW



#3 2015-03-15 12:34 am

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Re: youth teams

I think more youth select teams should be an option, but truth be told, no one wants to run it.

Also regardless of 'select teams' there isn't much 'youth select' competition for youth teams to compete in. I am not a fan of youth teams playing adult themed things, so we would need a youth select'esk tourney/league schedule (School based is different).  YCC/Fryz teams practice their butt off, compete in adult tourneys then off they go to a national tournament - not much of a season.

The DiscNW stuff is a great option, but I am hesitant to say that DiscNW is select - its step 1 in a long process.

Before there was Westerns, but even that is kind of a regional thing - not really select. I think that more people would need to donate time to get MORE teams for select youth in the REGION and STATE to make a viable option. Its the next step for youth ultimate (WA state and ME state have (IMO) the best Youth Ultimate for local play in the county).

Its still a young sport (on all levels) so more playing opportunities (select) will come.

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#4 2015-03-27 02:25 pm

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Re: youth teams

Please define "many." How many kids do you know who want to play outside their school team but aren't on Fryz? And how old are these kids?

Part of the problem with the DiscNW youth summer leagues is that they have been geared towaard the YCC rather than just having a fun league in town. Plus the teams have "elite" players" on them who get to practice more and go to the YCC. This approach sends a message to the kids that didn't make the YCC team that they are inferior or lesser parts of the summer teams.  DiscNW should focus more on building local youth leagues and less on promoting the "elite" approach to ultimate.



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